BSC: Stoneybrook Middle School

According to Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, SMS is the only middle school in Stoneybrook. But in Kristy’s Big Day the kids who live in Watson’s neighborhood are supposed to attend Kelsey Middle School, which I suppose could technically be in a neighboring city. There are also the private schools: Stoneybrook Academy and Stoneybrook Day School.

The school day starts at 8:30 and ends at the unusual time of 2:42. SMS has eight class periods a day.
A failing grade at SMS is anything below 65%. I’m used to 60% being the cut-off.

Sixth and seventh-graders have recess; whether eighth grade does is never mentioned. However, Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever implies that there is no playground or recess, so never mind that Jessi and Mallory met at recess on the playground…
SMS is at least two stories tall, and has a student store or vending machines (Stacey buys a chocolate bar at school in Stacey’s Emergency).

In Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade, the SMS mascot is the Chargers. But in Stacey’s Secret Friend, it’s the Jaguars.

Sometimes SMS has a volleyball team, sometimes it doesn’t.
Claudia starts writing a personals column in Claudia and the Perfect Boy. By Claudia Kishi, Live from WSTO! she doesn’t do it anymore. But in Stacey’s Secret Friend, she’s writing the column again.

Friday lunch is always Sloppy Joes (EW), red Jell-O with canned fruit in it, coleslaw, milk, and a Fudgesicle.
I question the rigor of Stoneybrook's schools if kids make it to eighth grade without knowing that the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere as we see in Farewell, Dawn. Also, in Dawn's Wicked Stepsister, Dawn thinks that scientists invented time zones very recently, instead of the idea sort of occurring naturally because of Earth's rotation. In Mary Anne and the Little Princess, Kristy is shocked to learn that celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November is a US-only thing. And in Stacey vs. Claudia, it seems that they have yet to learn state capitals, something I learned in grade school.

SMS  students: 221 named students not including the BSC. Baby-sitters’ Winter Vacation tells us that SMS has about 380 students which would average around 126 per grade.
Sixth grade: 48 named students not including the BSC
Ben Abbott, Megan Armstrong, Lauren Aronsen, Jeff Atkinson, Craig Avazian
Sanjita Bates, Ashley Bedell, Tom Block, Jimmy Bouloukos, Glen Brown, Chris Brooks
Liz Cohen, Maya Condos, Jen Corn
Sarah Erickson
Maria Fazio, Noah Fein, Josh Freeman
Helen Gallway, Sarah Green, Bobby Gustavson
Tom Harold, Sandra Hart, Ben Hobart
Glen Johnson, Renee Johnson (not indicated to be related)
Wendy Loesser
Robbie Mara, Rebecca Mason, Lisa Mannheim, Justine Moss, Eileen Murphy
Laura Nelson
Mark O'Connell, Janet O’Neal, Benny Ott
Justin Price, Randy Rademacher, Rachel Robinson, John Rosen
Mara Semple, Jamie Sperling
George Weiss, Nan White
Sally ?, Anita ?, Dilys ?, Valerie ? 

Seventh grade: 31 named students not including Frank O’Malley who moves to Oregon during the school year
Ron Belkis, Tom Blanton, Jennifer Blye, Stephanie Boxer
Kate Condos
Shira Epstein
Joanna Fried
Laura Hatt
Mark Jaffe, Loretta Jorgensen, Len Judso
Anne Kennedy, Jeannie Kim, Michael King, Brandon Klein, Jennifer Kline, Petra Kosinski
Bonnie Lasher, Abigail Leib, Nadine Luongo
Josh Peterson
Josh Rocker, Tim Ryan
Curtis Shaller, Liza Shore
Ron Tibbets
Duryan Weinstein, Tonya Wright
Anson ?,  Neil ?, Spud
Eighth grade:  127 named students not including the BSC or Amelia Freeman who is deceased
Aaron Albright, Sue Archer
Austin Bentley, Corinne Baker, Melissa Banks, Kelsey Bauman, Emily Bernstein, Pete Black, RJ Blaser, Erica Blumberg, Grace Blume, Robert Brewster, Gordon Brown, Ross Brown, George Burke, Marty Bukowski
Rick Chow, Jeff Cummings, Jason Fox, Jennifer Cooke,
Jo Deford, Merrie Dow, Mari Drabeck
Justin Forbes, Bea Foster
Heather Epstein
David Gabel, Ronnie Gallea, Janet Gates, Andi Gentile, Jacqui Grant, Alan Gray, Margie Greene, Lew Greenburg, Dave Griffin, Rachel Griffin (not indicated to be related)
Brian Hall, Polly Hanson, Sonya Hardy, Darnell Harris, Peter Hayes, Lauren Hoffman, Alvin Hopper, Barbara Hirsh, Irv Hirsch (not indicated to be related), Price Irving
Theodore James, Bruce Jamison, Woody Jefferson, Malik Jeffrey, Brent Jensen, Howie Johnson, Maria Jonatis
Lily Karp, Linda Kedem, Clarence King, Stephanie Kingsley, Alexander Kurtzman
Todd Long, Kathleen Lopez
Dennis Malek, Diane Maqnani, Amanda Martin, Kara Mauricio, Cokie Mason, Wayne McConville, Sheila McGregor, Fiona McRae, Savannah Minton, Iri Mitsuhashi
Harry Nolan
Mia Pappas, Troy Parker, Jim Poirie
Steve Randazzo, Kristin Reinhardt, Cary Retlin,  Jodi Reynolds, Lane Reynolds (not indicated to be related), Shawna Riverson, Diana Roberts, Nicole Rogers, Jeremy Rudolph
Bruce Schermerhorn, Trevor Sandbourne, Katie Shea, Mary Sherwood, Miranda Shillaber, Mariah Shillaber (twins), Brad Simon, John Steiner, Bob Stillman, Julie Stern, Anna Stevenson, Ray Stuckey, Tess Swinhart, Ellie Szilagyi
Susan Taylor, Hannah Toce, Bill Torrance, Alex Turnbull, Seth Turbin
Dorianne Wallingford, Penny Weller, Ashley Wyeth , Alex Zacharias
Angela ?, Barbara ?, Bebe ?, Carly ?, Coreen ?, Fran ?,Kevin ?, Kurt ?, Jessica ?, Jojo ?,Marcia ?, Miles ?
Talle ?, Tiffany, Tarik ?, Theresa ?, Zoe ? plus four members of the Badd Boyz we only know as Ice Box, G-Man,  Jackhammer, and Butcher Boy

Grade unspecified: 15 named students
Shawn Benedict, Marcus Brown, Elise Coates (probably 6th or 7th), Miranda Elliot, Janet Gates, Sarah Gerstenkorn (probably 8th), Lyndsay McManus, Jay Marsden, Rose Marie Montey (probably 8th), Danny Olssen, Danielle Pritchard, Barry Soeder, Ethel Tines, Tara Valentine, Nathan ?

SMS Staff: 71 staff/faculty, 57 specified to be teachers. With 380 students, that’s one teacher for every six to seven students. Kristy Power! indicates that the teachers at SMS might not unionized.
6th grade: Mrs. Alpin (unspecified), Mr. Cobb (grammar), Mr. Conklin (math), Mr. De Young (boys’ gym) Mr. Dougherty (creative writing), Mrs. Frederickson (homeroom), Mr. Williams (English), Mr. Jazak (unspecified), Mrs. McCarthy (unspecified), Mr. Rothman (science), Ms. Walden (girls’ gym)

7th grade: Ms. Chiavetta (English), Ms. Halliday (gym), Mr. Miller (social studies), Mr. Peters (math), Ms. PIlley (homeroom), Mr. Redmont (social studies), Ms. Spacey (science)
8th grade: Ms. Anderson (social studies), Ms. Belcher (English), Ms. Bernhardt (social studies),Ms. Berner (math), Mr. Blake (homeroom),  Mrs. Boyden (Modern Living and other short takes classes, plus some students’ homeroom), Ms. Colley (English), Mr. Davies (math), Mr. Ellenburg (8th math; replaces Mr. Zizmore), Mr. Fiske (English and yearbook), Ms. Frost (math), Ms. Garcia (short takes), Mrs. Gonzalez (8th science), Ms. Griswold (8th science), Mrs. Hall (English), Ms. Harris (science),Mr. Hochberger (English),  Ms. Levine (homeroom), Mr. Peters (homeroom), Mrs. Rosenauer (gym), Mr. Schubert (math), Mrs. Simon (English), Mrs. Wegmann, Mr. Zizmore (math; but he moves to Houston before the last book so he’s not included in my total), Mr. Zorzi (math)

Electives: Mr. Cheney (drama), Ms. Dwyer (art), Mr. Geist (photography, summer school), Mr. Kirkwood (shop), Mrs. Pinelli (music), Ms. Baehr (art), Mrs. Ploof (home ec), Miss Stanworth (unspecified), Ms. Vandela (unspecified), Mr. Withum (unspecified), Mr. Wong (art)
Possibly teaching multiple grades: Ms. Breer (head of English department), Mr. Harold (science), Mr. Lehrer (possibly English), Ms. Mandel (not specified)

Other faculty/staff: Mr. Taylor (principal), Mr. Kingbridge (vice-principal), Mrs. Amer (guidance counselor), Mr. Counts (librarian), Ms. Downey (secretary), Mrs. Ensign (lunchroom monitor), Mr. Halprin (janitor), Mr. Halvorsen (basketball coach; also works at SMS: he has a office),  Ms. Hartley (head of the SMS math department), Ms. Kolinsky (teacher’s aide), Mr. Milhaus (janitor), Mr. Matthews (resource room aide), Mr. Seitz (guidance counselor), Ms. Wu (coach and something else; she’s at the school during the day), unnamed female librarian
(Also, the following substitutes are mentioned:  Ms. Bryan, Ms. Dewey, Mr. Morley) 


Lorrs said...

Wow that's an impressive breakdown of the school!

SJSiff said...

I get detail-oriented when I procrastinate. :)

Donica said...

I think my middle school started at something like 8:10 and ended ...god I don't even remember.
Now my high school had weird as hell start and end times: Start: 7:23 ...end... 2:13...or... something like that. Lots of 3s!!!!!