The Truth About Stacey (GN#2)

Original Publication Date: 2006

Ghostwriter? No, the text copyright is for Ann M. Martin.

Illustrator: Raina Telgemeier


Like all the graphic novels, this is a re-telling of one of the first books in a different format: The Truth About Stacey. Things are pretty much the same, even down to the fake names Kristy gives the Baby-sitters Agency. There are some more details about Stacey's diabetes (like a conversation with her parents about her blood sugar numbers) and reaction shots to things like Stacey being diagnosed with diabetes (this time in a hospital after fainting and being rushed in an ambulance) and the Baby-sitters Agency.

Established or continued in this book:

The Girls (and Logan):

Claudia candy: Lifesavers, package of cookies

The girls with their Kid-Kits (they used the same sort of boxes I did):

Their Families:

Claudia's family has lots of board games.

The McGills:

The Club (and clients):

Stacey's handwriting:

Lucy Newton weighed NINE POUNDS at birth. Terrifying. (My kids weighed 6 lb 11 oz, 7 lb 3 oz, and 7 lb 1 oz; in that order)

Stacey and Charlotte:


The drawings of the school look about how I'd pictured SMS.

PSA Time:

Stacey leaves opened scissors on the floor as she wraps Christmas presents. Looking at the picture, it's like I can hear my dad saying not to leave scissors open.


Martin dedicates this book to her "old pal, Claudia Werner," and Telgemeier gives "very big thanks to Marion Vitus, Adam Girardet, Duane Ballanger, Lisa Jonte, Arthur Levine, KC Whitehall, and Hope Larson. As always, a huge thank you to my family, my friends, and especially, Dave."

Okay, here's a big difference from the 1986 book: they play music on a CD!

Laine's wearing braces on her teeth.

Stacey and Laine in Times Square:

Stacey's dinner broken down into diabetic-relevant nutritional information:


Anonymous said...

The kid kits look exactly like I always pictured them! The graphic novels seem really cute and it seems like the illustrator was really good with the details.

SJSiff said...

She did a fantastic job illustrating!

Cassiopeia said...

I love that Laine has braces! I get that they're 12 here, and Laine doesn't really become overly sophisticated and stuck-up until she's 13 for the third or fourth time, but it just seems so adorable and cute that Laine would have braces, which is traditionally seen as the ultimate in uncool.

SJSiff said...

There are so many perfect little touches like that.