American Girl

Starting this month, I'll be reviewing the American Girl books. Each character has six main books and some have extras: short stories, mysteries, and the "Best Friend" books. I own a few of the mysteries and should be able to get the others from my library (the King County Library System in Washington is among the best in the nation). I'm going to try to place the extras chronologically relative to the main six, so you might see some posts between Meet X and X Learns a Lesson, for example.

I'll be reviewing one character a month in order of their releases:

November - Kirsten
December - Samantha
January - Molly
February - Felicity
March - Addy
April - Josefina
May - Kit
June - Kaya
July - Julie
August - Rebecca
September - Marie-Grace and Cécile
October - Caroline
November - American Girl History Mysteries and Girls of Many Lands
December - Girl of the Year

Meet Kirsten will be posted on Monday, with the rest following every other day. I hope you enjoy them!


Anonymous said...

You should do the Girl of the Year books, too.

SJSiff said...

I'm not sure about those...I never got into them as a kid. But I'm not ruling it out entirely!

SJSiff said...

And in a very late reply, I've decided to do both the American Girl History Mysteries and Girls of the Year.

Isabel Escalante said...

Yes! I Love American Girl. :)

SJSiff said...

There will be about two hundred American Girl posts by the end of the year, if my math is correct!