Kristy's Great Idea (GN#1)

Original Publication Date: 2006

Ghostwriter? No, the text copyright is for Ann M. Martin.

Illustrator: Raina Telgemeier


In 2006, artist Raina Telgemeier worked with Ann M. Martin to create four graphic novel retellings of early Baby-sitters Club books. The plots and much of the dialogue are the same as the original books, with a few differences (for example, Claudia has part of her hair dyed purple). They're a fun read. I'm planning to use some of my birthday money to get my own copies--the ones I'm reading now are from the library.

Kristy's Great Idea is the natural starting point.

Established or continued in this book:

The Girls (and Logan):

Claudia candy: bag of unspecified chocolates, Gummi Bears, licorce

Kristy usually wears her hair down rather than in a ponytail.

Their Families:

David Michael is illustrated with a tooth missing. I think it's a nice touch.

The Thomas family (Sam's in the ball cap):

David Michael and Louie:

Watson, Karen, and Andrew (with Boo-Boo and Mary Anne):

The Club (and clients):

Kristy gets her great idea:

Kristy's handwriting:

Buffy and Pinky, the dogs Kristy watches, appear to be St. Bernards or Bernese mountain dogs.

Club flyer:


Kristy's essay on decorum:

PSA Time:

One child Claudia watches is recovering from the chicken pox. Fortunately, we now have a vaccine against that--which means no shingles in adulthood, either!


Martin dedicates this book to her "Beth McKeever Perkids, my old baby-sitting buddy, with love (and years of memories)," and Telgemeier thanks "Dave, Mom, Dad, Amara, Will, Grandma, Diane, Bruce, the Roman family, the Rigores family, the Cuevas family, K. C., Marisa, Jason, my editors, my friends, my co-workers, and my fellow comic artists."

The illustrations of Kristy's sitting job with the dogs are hilarious. And messy--someone else who checked the book out of the library before me must have been eating chocolate or something. But the smears are appropriate on the pictures of the dogs tearing around the yard.

There are also scribbles on the pages of Claudia watching Jamie Newton and his wild cousins. Also fitting.

Sheep are no longer in. But rainbows are:


Lorrs said...

I love these graphic novels raina telgemeier is a great artist. Karen who was the annoying one most of the time in the books is so cute here! I would have loved to have seen more of them.

SJSiff said...

I know! I wish there had been more graphic novels, too--at least one of each character, or a Super Special would have been awesome.

Cassiopeia said...

Ahhhh!!! Omg I didn't realize you'd started reviewing the graphic novels!!! Something for me to look forward to this evening!!!

SJSiff said...

Cass, too bad there are only four!