Books narrated: 2 (both "Readers' Requests" ghostwritten by Peter Lerangis)

Logan’s Story
Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter

Portrayed by Eric Lawton in the TV show and Austin O'Brien in the movie.

Logan joins the BSC as its first associate member in #10 Logan Likes Mary Anne! He quits in the Friends Forever Super Special Everything Changes to due to growing commitments to his sports teams.

Logan has blue eyes and curly blonde hair.

Logan thinks Robin Williams is the funniest actor.

Logan likes pecan pie. How Southern of him.

Logan is on the SMS baseball, football, and track and field teams. His best track event is the 100 yard dash, which should be the 110 yard dash before the 1980s and the 100 meter dash after. Since he scores a touchdown playing football, he most likely plays one of the offensive positions. He is not the catcher for the baseball team, but I couldn't figure out which of the remaining positions he might be.

According to Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery, Logan is very good at keeping secrets.

Mary Anne and Logan say “I love you” to each other in Snowbound!

Logan’s Family

Logan lives with his parents, younger sister Kerry, and younger brother Hunter.

Logan’s dad is named Lyman (his mother is Louise--were they going for all the family members' names starting with the same letter but gave up quickly?). Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery is dedicated to the memory of Ann M. Martin’s late uncle, Lyman. Lyman Bruno manages a sporting goods store and is very into traditional gender roles.

Logan’s mom knows how to knit.

Both Kerry and Hunter are very loyal to their big brother.

Hunter is naturally talented at piano.

Logan’s brother, Hunter, is allergic to nearly everything, including most animal fur, dust, and wheat. He also has asthma. And yet Mary Anne and the rest of the BSC is clueless about asthma.

In The Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier, Hunter is the only person to recognize Mary Anne in her costume.

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