One book narrated, a "Reader's Request" ghostwritten by Nola Thacker

Shannon’s Story 

Shannon joins the BSC as its second associate member in #11 Kristy and the Snobs. While Dawn is in California for her six month visit, Shannon takes over as alternate officer until Dawn's return. She quits in the Friends Forever Super Special Everything Changes when her extracurricular activities start to demand more of her time.

Shannon has a ski-jump nose and according to Kristy’s Mystery Admirer wants a nose job. Fortunately her parents are making her wait until she’s finished growing before they even consider it!

Shannon has pale eyelashes, and often wears black mascara on them. She has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. In fact, all the fair-haired sitters have blue eyes: blondes Stacey, Dawn, Shannon, and Logan and red-head Mallory. The brunettes—Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Jessi, and Abby—all have brown eyes. No green or hazel eyes. And having been a blonde-haired, brown-eyed child (my hair later darkened to brown) with a blue-eyed, black-haired father, I find it weird that the blondes all have one eye color and the brunettes all have another (obviously it makes sense for Claudia and Jessi to have brown eyes).

Shannon’s slightly short for her age. She tans easily, and loves to wear red.

Shannon knows how to tap dance. She aspires to learn to play a musical instrument called the sackbut.

Shannon’s favorite type of cookie is Snickerdoodle (yum) with raisins and walnuts (bleh).

Shannon likes to people-watch and imitate the people she sees.

Extra-curricular activities: astronomy club (of which she is both the youngest member and the president, and which changes from a school club to an informal group of Shannon’s friends), French club, Honor Society, debate team, drama, and singing.

Shannon’s Family

Shannon lives with her parents Ted and Kathy and younger sisters Tiffany and Maria. They have a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, Astrid, that they breed at least twice during the series. I hope they do so responsibly. Astrid is a show dog who’s won prizes, so I’m going to assume they know what they’re doing.

It’s implied that Shannon’s parents don’t love each other.

Shannon’s dad is consistently a workaholic lawyer, her mom sometimes that and sometimes a bored housewife.

Shannon’s mom does the whole family’s laundry. (It stands out to me because my brothers and I started doing our own toward the end of elementary school and my mom and dad each do their own)

While the Kilbourne kids drink whole milk, their dad drinks one percent. The mom’s preference isn’t mentioned.

There’s some confusion about why Tiffany is introduced as a sitter but then later is sat for. Slight argument in favor of her needing a sitter is that she’s only ever seen sitting with Shannon, not on her own. More likely an error.

Tiffany starts gardening in Stacey and the Cheerleaders and has quite the green thumb.

Maria is an accomplished swimmer, and on a swim team. She can also tap-dance.

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