Samantha Saves the Wedding

Published in 2006; author Valerie Tripp or Sarah Masters Buckey; illustrator Dan Andreasen, Troy Howell, Susan McAliley, or Philip Hood


As the story opens we are introduced to Cornelia's younger sisters, nine-year-old twins Agatha and Agnes and three-year-old Alice. Samantha and Grandmary meet them while staying with Cornelia's family as the wedding draws near. Samantha enjoys playing with her new friends, and helping Cornelia prepare for the wedding. She and the twins admire Cornelia's beautiful veil, which Cornelia promises the younger girls can wear at their weddings. Her sisters are excited, but Samantha politely declines, as Grandmary has been saving the veil Samantha's mother wore at her wedding. But during their play, Alice dresses up as a bride...by cutting Cornelia's veil in two...on the day of the wedding!

Samantha has a plan. There are five hours to go before the wedding. She convinces Uncle Gard to drive her back to Mount Bedford, where she sprints into the house to retrieve her mother's veil. They dash back with just moments to spare. Cornelia is honored to wear the veil, and the wedding is perfect.

Looking Back

The looking back section is about weddings in 1904. There were many traditions that brides and grooms followed, even down to what meanings a postage stamp could carry if it were placed in a particular part of an envelope. My dad has letters that his grandparents sent to each other around that time...I should look at the stamps!


My short story collection book is inscribed in the front with "Elysa #21 Mrs. Able."

This book seems to indicate that Grandmary is Samantha's maternal grandmother.

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