Dawn and the Dream Boy (TV#7)

What happens:

The BSC passes a SMS soccer practice on the way out of school, and Dawn falls head over heels for one of the boys, Jamie Anderson. Mary Anne knows him a bit and talks Dawn up to him ("She's the really pretty blonde with the gorgeous blue eyes..."), and later introduces them to each other. Dawn's on Cloud Nine when Jamie calls to ask her to the big soccer game. I guess he's not playing in it, then... Anyway, she's really excited because maybe he'll ask her to the Sweetheart Dance! But she crashes back to Earth when he shows up and it turns out that he thought he was asking Mary Anne out, not Dawn. Horribly embarrassing and disappointing, yes, but Dawn blames Mary Anne. Dawn and Mary Anne have a hilariously passive-aggressive fight: "Give me back everything you've ever borrowed; I never meant to actually give anything to you." "Do you want my Christmas present back, too?" They give each other the silent treatment, too.

Things get so strained between Dawn and Mary Anne that Kristy calls an emergency meeting to hash things out. Mary Anne finally brings up the point that she already has a boyfriend, which you'd think would have been relevant before. Dawn accepts that it was just an unfortunate misunderstanding on Jamie's part, and the club is whole again. The episode closes on the Sweetheart Dance, which is attend by literally tens of people. And Jamie asks Dawn to dance! The other girls start dancing with guys too...I think Mary Anne's supposed to be dancing with Logan, and Mallory's with a redhead who could be Ben Hobart. Kristy might be dancing with Alan Gray.

What I noticed:

One of the few other African-American students at SMS is in the background! Maybe it's Curtis Shaller.

I think Jamie should have had a different name, because it's too close to Jamie Newton, whose full name is James Anderson Newton.

Why are Jackie Rodowsky and his friend at soccer practice in polo shirts and jeans, not shorts? And why are there only three kids on the team?

Almost no one in the halls at SMS wears a backpack. They carry their books in their arms.

The Schafers'/Spiers' phone number is 555-7217.

RUDE. Jamie, within minutes of meeting Dawn, asks very bluntly why she and Mary Anne don't look alike despite being sisters. There are a variety of reasons, from adoption to stepfamilies to one looking like the mom and one looking like the dad. None of which are Jamie's business.

Dawn's room is decorated with an ocean theme.

Kristy makes fun of the school lunch.

Good continuity with the books: Mallory mentions tutoring Buddy Barrett, and Claudia tries to play the peacemaker

Random clients not in the books: Emma Stewart

Special guest stars: Patricia Mauceri as Mrs. Stewart, Shane McDermott as Jamie Anderson, Lauren Romeo as Emma Stewart, Danny Tamberelli as Jackie Rodowsky


Anonymous said...

I loved the passive-aggressive fight. Mary Anne cracked me up when she asked if she had to give her Christmas presents back.

SJSiff said...

I laughed at that line too. It was perfect!

Donica said...

At my middle school we weren't allowed to wear our backpacks... they had to be stowed in our lockers .high school was a different matter. (Also our core classes in middle school were just across the halls from each other as well.)
Heh. I noticed way back when when you posted Jamie Newton's full name the Jamie Anderson part and I immediately thought of this episode which I used to own and watched the most.