The Baby-sitters and the Boy Sitters (TV#10)

What happens:

Logan finds himself in a bind when he has a last-minute sports practice scheduled for an afternoon that's he supposed to have a sitting job. The rest of the BSC is busy too (Shannon's mentioned as being out of town). Pete Black offers to sit instead, and the club is so busy that the BSC agrees to take on him and Alan Gray on a trial basis. Kristy's skeptical, but the club is desperate.

The guys do okay: Alan is willing to play dress up with Becca and Charlotte, and Pete's answer to milk spilled on the counter is to crack an egg into it and make French toast. Kristy still has reservations, but the rest of the BSC is on board with the boy sitters. Although, the boys are a little lax with the charges, which causes trouble for the other sitters later in the form of bored kids and Rodowskys on the roof of the house. The girls are frustrated with the boys, and Pete and Alan end up forming their own club. But the boys take on too much when they bring five kids to a game center and end up losing track of them. But the BSC had heard of their plans and swoops in to save the day, after letting the guys sweat for a while. The boys end up agreeing that baby-sitting isn't as easy as they thought, and Kristy concedes that the did a lot of things right. The boys offer to help out if the BSC has another busy streak.

Things I noticed:

Logan's accent is gone.

I'm not sure why the BSC teaches Pete and Alan how to diaper and feed a baby if they're not sure they'll be long-term members. Just don't have them sit for babies at first. (That said, having married the youngest of a group of siblings, I think they should eventually learn to diaper a baby in case they become parents themselves one day. Easier to learn when you're not sleep-deprived with a newborn.)

The captioning spells Rodowsky as Radowski.

Pete and Alan take some kids to Discovery Zone. I miss that place.

Special guest stars: David Buzzotta as Pete Black, Michael Dolan as Archie Rodowsky, Najah Dupree as Becca, Gina Gallagher as Charlotte, Russell Harper as Alan Gray, Aaron Payne as Shea Rodowsky, Danny Tamberelli as Jackie

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