The Baby-sitters Remember (TV#13)

Last episode! One more BSC post, then next I'll start the book about the historical characters from American Girl. November will be Kirsten, December Samantha, January Molly, February Felicity, March Addy, and so on in order of the characters' releases.

What happens:

It's the end of the school year. The BSC has a sleepover at Claudia's, and reminisces. Some memories are just a sentence, and some get actual flashbacks. Here are the stories:

First Kristy talks about the day she got the idea for the BSC. It plays out very much like the beginning of Kristy's Great Idea, even down to her class using folded construction paper fans to cool themselves down. But she gets the idea after dinner...maybe because they didn't want to find actors for her brothers?

The next story is about the first BSC meeting. It's brief, but also a lot like the book.

Then Kristy talks about her first job, watching Buffy and Pinky. Again, it sticks to the book pretty well.

Stacey remembers how she solved the problem of the Delaney kids and helped them stop being ingrates. It's fun to watch her mess up the room, and the kids even demand "CUT. IT. OUT." like in Kristy and the Snobs.

The girls head downstairs for something to drink, and a teacup reminds Claudia of Mimi. They share a variety of memories, focusing on the time Mimi had a traditional Japanese tea with the girls, all of them dressed in kiminos. The scene is scored with "Oriental-sounding" music. It's like someone's playing Mahjong on a mid-90s computer for the sound track. The girls are sort of rude when exposed to unfamiliar foods, but Mimi doesn't seem to mind, because Mimi is the sweetest person ever. According to how the steam rises from the girls' cups, Mallory has good luck. Is that why she didn't get a TV show episode focused on her?

Mary Anne talks about the practice wedding from Kristy's Big Day. The "minister" joins them in holy moly, and does the vows pretty much like the book. I don't see anyone with a cast on her leg, but there's not a good clear shot of the audience.

Dawn brings up the "egg babies" from Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies. This version of the class has an equal number of boys and girls.And I guess there's more than one session of the class, because Dawn's the only member of the BSC in that shot but we see other students and BSC members with their egg babies. The featured "couples" match with the book. Dawn briefly loses "Skip" but the egg is found safe. That's as far as that memory goes, although Mallory and Jessi get to rib the older girls about how ridiculous they were about the egg babies.

After mentioning a few other brief memories (with no flashbacks), the girls make a pact to have frequent reunions when they're older, and go to sleep. The end!

Things I noticed:

Because Kristy's actor still has braces, she has them in the flashbacks, too.

Mary Anne's hair is in braids when appropriate. There are also some flashbacks when she could have fixed her hair another way, but in Mary Anne Saves the Day Mary Anne tells Richard that sometimes she'll still wear the braids.

Dawn says that Buddy Barrett disappeared because Mrs. Barrett forgot to tell Dawn it was his weekend with his dad. True...but his dad also took him without telling anyone, which seems like a pretty important detail.

Mimi calls the girls "my baby-sitters."

The Delaneys have a quilt made of fabric with bright, multi-colored handprints that look like prints made with hands dipped in paint. My mom sewed my older brother and me matching overalls of that same print.

Mallory mentions Mrs. Kilbourne, but Shannon's not in this episode, or any other. 

Special guest stars: Hisaoy Asai as Mimi, Richard Blake as Arron, Kimberly Brown as Amanda Delaney, Ashley Chase as Karen Brewer, Kevin N. Dabis as Mr. Redmont, Ann Dowd as Kristy's mom, Michael Galeota as David Michael Thomas, Russel Harper as Alan Gray, Alec Kimmel as Luke, Anna Bess Lank as Mrs. Hargreaves, C. C. Lovehart as Mrs. Boyden, Tyler Noyes as Max

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Anonymous said...

Loved the callbacks to other books. But its funny how they got Kristy's Great Idea wrong, especially since its in every single book.