Dawn and the Haunted House (TV#2)

What happens:

Dawn's been reading her scary stories again. Or listening to Karen. She's now convinced that Mrs. Slade, an older woman who lives alone, is a witch. She supposedly can communicate with animals and practices dark magic. Mrs. Slade doesn't help her case by acting creepy. Soon most of the girls are on Dawn's side. Claudia mysteriously holds out. Could it be because she's under Mrs. Slade's spell? That's what Stacey and Mary Anne think when they see her over there while sitting next door. Dawn, Kristy, Mallory, and Jessi go to Mrs. Slade's to rescue Claudia. Turns out that Mrs. Slade is actually Claudia's tutor, helping her prepare for a science test that she needs to pass to avoid having to quit the BSC. Mrs. Slade is no witch, but is a great tutor. Claudia gets an A on the test, and the rest of the girls learn not to jump to conclusions.

Things I noticed:

I'm disappointed...the opening shows a flier for the BSC and the logo isn't done in 3D blocks. It's just 2D blocks; only a flat square is drawn around each letter.

Why don't these girls wear bike helmets?

Claudia's room is in the upper right of her house (as you face it from the street). For some reason I've also pictured it in the upper left.

Whoa, continuity win! The BSC treasury is broke because, to quote Mallory, they "spent it all on Kid Kits." That shopping trip was in the last episode. And Mallory's brings up that she's had the chicken pox twice. Also Mr. Kingbridge, the vice-principle from the books, is mentioned, but according to the captioning he's the science teacher. SMS is shown as a three-story building, and the books have it as at least two stories.

Hmm...I can't decide if the writers know next to nothing about dinosaurs or a lot. Last episode referred to flying dinosaurs which didn't exist (flying reptiles, yes; dinosaurs, no) and this one "Brontosaurus" which also didn't exist (naming error). But then a kid that Dawn and Stacey baby-sit suggests fossil hunting because they might find an Iguanadon tooth--one of the first dinosaur fossils recognized as such was an Iguanodon tooth--and correctly identifies Stegosaurus as a dinosaur that went extinct before many of the more famous ones. Maybe that one actor was a dinosaur nut.

Oh, funny. One kid's telescope is so powerful he use it to see the craters on the moon! You know, the ones you can see with your naked eye!

Random clients not appearing in the books: Willy, Annie, and Zoey (different kid from last time) Goloff.

Special guest stars: Spencer Klapper Binney as Willy Goloff, Freda Foh Shen as Mrs. Kishi, Adrien Galvi as Zoe Goloff, Ellen McElduff as Mrs. Goloff, Janet Sarno as Mrs. Slade, Brittany Slattery as Annie Goloff


Alycia said...

The girls don't wear bike helmets because this was filmed in the early 90's in New Jersey, and no one wore bike helmets then. The helmet craze really didn't start until later in the 90's. Even the books reflect this. They never mention helmets in the first 60 books or so, but by #100, Kristy is asking why Jackie wasn't wearing a helmet.

Anonymous said...

Same reason for the dinosaur misnomers. While both errors were known textbooks and museums still displayed both errors until the mid nineties.

SJSiff said...

I was born in the mid-80s in the Pacific Northwest, and I remember helmet always being around, even when I had a tricycle. Knowing that the East Coast is different makes sense. The cover of Mallory Pike, #1 Fan shows her on a bike with no helmet, too.

And I (grudgingly) acknowledge that the Bronotosaurus mistake is still widely believed. I was just surprised that the kid actor mentioned Stegosaurus and Iguanodon.

Thanks for the info!

Lorrs said...

I also pictured Claudia's room on the left, something about the description of the girls going up stairs in the house always made me think they ended up on the left...strange!

SJSiff said...

Lorrs, that's funny! Part of my childhood my room was on the right and part of it on the left, so I really have no idea why I "decided" that Claudia's must be in one particular spot.