Stacey's Big Break (TV#3)

What happens:

Stacey gets a short-term modeling job that has a good chance of landing her more in the future. Soon she finds her time eaten up with modeling things and the BSC's plan to stage a production of Snow White, with Charlotte Johanssen as the lead (Kristy plays Prince Charming...'kay). Charlotte has only agreed to do this because she knows Stacey will be there to support her, but Stacey's photo shoots start to interfere with play rehearsals. Also troubling is that the modeling director instructs Stacey--a growing adolescent who happens to have diabetes and is already thin--to lose ten pounds. She wins a contest that earns her a year-long contract, but realizes she's not willing to devote that much of her life to modeling, especially when the agency possibly violates labor laws by adding hours to her schedule the day of without telling her ("Okay, that's done; see you later!" "But we have a thing at 4:00 that we never told you about until now."). She turns down the offer and decides to enjoy being a kid, and worry about a career later. With Stacey there to help, Charlotte does a great job in the play.

Things I noticed:

Jessi does ballet stretches during a meeting.

I've never been a model (unless you count an hour of walking down a mall runway in a couple Nordstrom outfits; I don't) but it seems like the photographer's using a really tiny camera to do his photo shoots. One of my aunts is a photographer and she has those big flash screens to go with a variety of fancy cameras, and had them with her film cameras, too. He also has Stacey pose in summer wear against a backdrop of a local park...in late autumn...when the trees are bare...

Continuity for the win! Charlotte Johanssen's favorite TV show is still The Cosby Show. Although the actor playing her looks younger than eight to me. Maybe that makes up for so many of the book covers portraying the girls as older than thirteen.

Stacey quote: "I don't mean to sound conceited or anything, but we're really good with kids." To a prospective client.

The captioning has decided that the club name needs an apostrophe, as in The Baby-sitters' Club. Maybe Janine finally figured it out after musing over the sign back in Kristy's Great Idea.

Special guest stars: Gina Gallagher as Charolotte, Nilyne Fields as Becca Ramsey, Michael Galeota as David Michael, Danny Tamberelli as Jackie Rodowsky


Alycia said...

I loved this one. I had the video and would watch it often. The girl who plays Charlotte was also on All My Children and I thought that was so cool. And anything with Little Pete is okay with me!

I also love when Kristy muses that some models are anorexic, and Claudia pounces on her with a "WHO TOLD YOU THAT??" and Jessi says they are just gorgeous. I don't know what the point of that dialogue was but I was on Kristy's side for once.

SJSiff said...

Totally agree; that was a weird scene! Some models ARE anorexic because some people have anorexia and models are people.