Kristy and the Great Campaign (TV#4)

What happens:

When the girls learn that a girl in Jackie Rodowsky's class, Courtney, is painfully shy, Kristy decides to boost the girl's popularity by helping her win a position on the student council. Kristy sees how responsible Courtney is with the science class pets, and that she's good at helping people reach compromises, and helps her campaign. She's running against Jeremy, the younger brother of one of Kristy's rivals, an annoying eighth-grader named Justin.

Soon it becomes Kristy versus Justin instead of Courtney trying to win, and Kristy, being Kristy, steamrolls over Courtney. Mary Anne tries to reign in Kristy several times, pointing out that Courtney is shy and might not even want to run at all, but soon it's election day. Jeremy is just as slimy and condescending as his older brother, and blackmails Jackie into slipping a snake into Courtney's campaign booth (he threatens to reveal Jackie's crush on Courtney). He imagines it will scare her and embarrass her in front of the students. For some reason this involves Jackie having to stuff the snake down his pant leg. The snake escapes and ends up being tossed onto Jeremy's campaign booth in the pandemonium. Courtney remains calm and rescues the harmless garter snake while Jeremy freaks out. This seems to put her ahead in the polls, but the candidates still have their speeches to give. However, Courtney is finally tired of Kristy taking over, and storms out. Kristy quickly realizes her mistake and apologizes for trying to change Courtney, who was already a great person to start with. With the apology and a pep talk, Courtney is ready to give her speech as herself. She wins third grade student representative. Jackie ends up friends with Courtney, too.

Things I noticed:

This episode captions the BSC at "Baby-sitters Club" with no apostrophe.

The actress playing Courtney does a good job picking up the mice carefully, supporting their bodies with her hands.

Kristy says something in New York "got us all lost" and "nearly got Mary Anne arrested." I want to see that episode!

Claudia's actress seems to be genuinely good at interacting with children.

Dawn hammers campaign posters into a tree. Not very environmentally friendly of her.

Justin's main "attack" on Kristy is to purposely call her the wrong name (Crystal). Very annoying, but also easy to handle: ignore him completely. He's purposely using the wrong name, so purposely pay him no attention. But I can see why Kristy doesn't like him, he's just...slimy.

Good continuity with the books: Marnie Barrett's favorite kind of cookie is oatmeal raisin which wouldn't conflict with her chocolate allergy, Claudia shows disdain for writing in the club notebook while Mallory seems to not mind the chore, the Arnold twins use their secret language

Random clients not in the books: Courtney

Special guest star: Kate Bernsohn as Courtney, P.J. Ochlan as Justin, Aaron Payne as Shea Rodowsky, Daniel Reifsnyder as Jeremy, Danny Tamberelli as Jackie


Anonymous said...

Mary Anne nearly getting arrested in New York, might be when she took one of the samples in Bloomingdale's in Book 18, Stacey's Mistake.

SJSiff said...

That's right! I'm hoping it's more "nearly" than just a security guard telling her to put it back, though. :)

Anonymous said...

So it was in Stacey's Mistake? Too bad it would have been fun to see the episode where she almost gets arrested.

SJSiff said...

Yeah, if they were referring to anything from the books, I'm betting it was Stacey's Mistake. It sounded more scandalous and I was imagining a better story.